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Welcome to Creativefundingsource.com

Business Notes = CASH!

Private Notes = CASH!


Creativefundingsource.com helps businesses and individuals turn notes into cash. If you are receiving payments from a sale of a business, any kind of real estate, equipment sale or even accounts receivables, we can turn your notes into cash with enterprise management of assets.

Creativefundingsource.com matches holders of notes with private investors and funding companies nation wide who operate in the secondary financial market. These investors and funding companies buy notes from businesses and individuals who need money now.

Ask yourself. Why wait for your money over 5, 10, 20 years when you can cash out your note now! Get more funding information. Know more of cash flow funding sources, accounts receivable, debt instruments, structured settlements, tax liens and all about cash flow.

Creativefundingsource.com handles the following types of note funding:

  • Commercial / Business Notes
  • Real Estate Notes
  • Equipment / Vehicle Notes
  • Accounts Receivable / Leases
  • Tax Liens / Judgments
  • Insurance Settlements
  • Viatical Settlements funding
  • Estate / Structured Settlements
  • Finance investment opportunities in Vancouver from lending company

  • Please browse through our website by going though the links on the left hand side to learn more about Creativefundingsource.com and Wrenchbusinesssolutions.com accounting services in Georgetown and Brampton. Make more out of your business with the help of professional accountants.
    Ask how we can help you turn your notes into cash.

    Email info@creativefundingsource.com or call 505-771-1668. Please make sure you leave a phone number.